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The island of Ireland, situated at the edge of the European continental shelf, is home to vast quantities of natural resources that are waiting to be harnessed, from oil and gas to wind, wave, tidal, hydro, solar, biomass and fisheries.


Our natural resources are valued at trillions of euro and if we as the citizen's and shareholders of our nation develop our natural wealth in a sustainable manner and with clear vision we will ensure our children inherit a nation that is a shining example of sustainable development globally. This website aims to inspire people to take action and make this happen. Pressure those who are in power (your government / local TDs) to awaken to the fact that Ireland is a wealthy nation and the 'economic crisis' is a farce.

Exploration for offshore oil and gas began in Ireland during the early 1970's but only recently, with advances in deep water drilling technology, has it become attractive to develop.


In 2012 Providence Resources announced they are to commence their first commercial drilling operation at the Barryroe Field off the south west coast. This is the start of many commercial developments to come. Providence estimate there are up to 1.6 billion barrels of oil in this field alone. 280 million barrels recoverable in the short term. Value at today's market price approximately €21billion euro. Barryroe is one of many oil fields that are showing commercial potential. Other licensing agreements for oil and gas fields off the coast of Ireland can be found on this map.

Norway, a country similar in size and population to Ireland, is the 4th wealthiest nation (2012) on the planet because since discovering oil in the 1960s they have managed their oil resources to benefit the people. Statoil their State Oil company has a 78% share in oil and gas production ensuring an average per capita income of €55,000 euro.


If we the people of Ireland speak up and challenge the current model for developing our oil and gas fields we can ensure our future generations benefit like the Norwegian population. There is no rush to development. Let us organise and do it right. The price of oil and gas will continue to rise so banking our resources is sensible until we get the best deal possible. The oil and gas is like a fund left in a bank that we can use as we need.

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1 billion barrels of oil discovered at Barryroe Field

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My Oil & Gas - Norway and Ireland (re. Corrib Field)

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